Inventory of AI Interventions in Community Based Primary Health Care

Case NumberPaper NameAuthors or developersCountryCreation or publication date
1Type 2 Diabetes Screening Test by Means of a Pulse OximeterE. M. Moreno
M. J. A. Luján
M. T. Rusiñol
P. J. Fernández
P. N. Manrique
C. A. Triviño
M. P. Miquel
M. A. Rodr\xadguez
M. J. G. Burguillos
2ProPath - A guideline based software for the implementation into the medical environment
S. Klausner
K. Entacher
S. Kranzer
A. Sönnichsen
M. Flamm
G. Fritsch
3Tackling Missing Data in Community Health Studies Using Additive LS-SVM ClassifierG. Wang
Z. Deng
K. S. Choi
4Rapid identification of familial hypercholesterolemia from electronic health records: the SEARCH studySafarova, Ms
Liu, H
Kullo, Ij
5A bioinformatics approach to identify patients with symptomatic peanut allergy using peptide microarray immunoassayLin, J
Bruni, Fm
Fu, Z
Maloney, J
Bardina, L
Boner, Al
Gimenez, G
Sampson, Ha
6Medicine in words and numbers: a cross-sectional survey comparing probability assessment scalesWitteman, Cl
Renooij, S
Koele, P
7Development of an Automatic Diagnostic Algorithm for Pediatric Otitis MediaTran, T. T.
Fang, T. Y.
Pham, V. T.
Lin, C.
Wang, P. C.
Lo, M. T.
8Using natural language processing for identification of herpes zoster ophthalmicus cases to support population-based studyZheng, C.
Luo, Y.
Mercado, C.
Sy, L.
Jacobsen, S. J.
Ackerson, B.
Lewin, B.
Tseng, H. F.
9A Machine Learning Recommender System to Tailor Preference Assessments to Enhance Person-Centered Care Among Nursing Home ResidentsGannod, G. C.
Abbott, K. M.
Van Haitsma, K.
Martindale, N.
Heppner, A.
10A web-based prediction score for head and neck cancer referralsLau, K.
Wilkinson, J.
Moorthy, R.
United Kingdom2018
11Long-term outcomes of a large, prospective observational cohort of older adults with back painJarvik, J. G.
Gold, L. S.
Tan, K.
Friedly, J. L.
Nedeljkovic, S. S.
Comstock, B. A.
Deyo, R. A.
Turner, J. A.
Bresnahan, B. W.
Rundell, S. D.
James, K. T.
Nerenz, D. R.
Avins, A. L.
Bauer, Z.
Kessler, L.
Heagerty, P. J.
12Innovative Informatics Approaches for Peripheral Artery Disease: Current State and Provider Survey of Strategies for Improving Guideline-Based CareChaudhry, A. P.
Afzal, N.
Abidian, M. M.
Mallipeddi, V. P.
Elayavilli, R. K.
Scott, C. G.
Kullo, I. J.
Wennberg, P. W.
Pankratz, J. J.
Liu, H.
Chaudhry, R.
Arruda-Olson, A. M.
13A new computational intelligence approach to detect autistic features for autism screeningThabtah, F.
Kamalov, F.
Rajab, K.
University of Cambridge United Kingdom2018
14Chronic obstructive lung disease "expert system": validation of a predictive tool for assisting diagnosisBraido, F.
Santus, P.
Corsico, A. G.
Di Marco, F.
Melioli, G.
Scichilone, N.
Solidoro, P.
15A machine learning based approach to identify protected health information in Chinese clinical textDu, L.
Xia, C.
Deng, Z.
Lu, G.
Xia, S.
Ma, J.
16Automatic address validation and health record review to identify homeless Social Security disability applicantsErickson, J.
Abbott, K.
Susienka, L.
17Quantifying the incidence and burden of herpes zoster in New Zealand general practice: a retrospective cohort study using a natural language processing software inference algorithmTurner, N. M.
MacRae, J.
Nowlan, M. L.
McBain, L.
Stubbe, M. H.
Dowell, A.
New Zealand2018
18Methods for estimating kidney disease stage transition probabilities using electronic medical recordsLuo, L.
Small, D.
Stewart, W. F.
Roy, J. A.
19Enabling Stroke Rehabilitation in Home and Community Settings: A Wearable Sensor-Based Approach for Upper-Limb Motor TrainingLee, S. I.
Adans-Dester, C. P.
Grimaldi, M.
Dowling, A. V.
Horak, P. C.
Black-Schaffer, R. M.
Bonato, P.
Gwin, J. T.
20External validation of ADO, DOSE, COTE and CODEX at predicting death in primary care patients with COPD using standard and machine learning approachesMorales, D. R.
Flynn, R.
Zhang, J.
Trucco, E.
Quint, J. K.
Zutis, K.
21Automatic infection detection based on electronic medical recordsTou, H.
Yao, L.
Wei, Z.
Zhuang, X.
Zhang, B.
22Detecting Motor Impairment in Early Parkinson's Disease via Natural Typing Interaction With Keyboards: Validation of the neuroQWERTY Approach in an Uncontrolled At-Home SettingArroyo-Gallego, T.
Ledesma-Carbayo, M. J.
Butterworth, I.
Matarazzo, M.
Montero-Escribano, P.
Puertas-Martin, V.
Gray, M. L.
Giancardo, L.
Sanchez-Ferro, A.
23Home Health Care: Nurse-Physician Communication, Patient Severity, and Hospital ReadmissionPesko, M. F.
Gerber, L. M.
Peng, T. R.
Press, M. J.
24Examining Healthcare Utilization Patterns of Elderly Middle-Aged Adults in the United StatesZayas, C. E.
He, Z.
Yuan, J.
Maldonado-Molina, M.
Hogan, W.
Modave, F.
Guo, Y.
Bian, J.
25Data-based Decision Rules to Personalize Depression Follow-upLin, Y.
Huang, S.
Simon, G. E.
Liu, S.
26A risk score including body mass index, glycated haemoglobin and triglycerides predicts future glycaemic control in people with type 2 diabetesHertroijs, D. F. L.
Elissen, A. M. J.
Brouwers, Mcgj
Schaper, N. C.
Kohler, S.
Popa, M. C.
Asteriadis, S.
Hendriks, S. H.
Bilo, H. J.
Ruwaard, D.
27Predictive modeling of colorectal cancer using a dedicated pre-processing pipeline on routine electronic medical recordsKop, R.
Hoogendoorn, M.
Teije, A. T.
Buchner, F. L.
Slottje, P.
Moons, L. M.
Numans, M. E.
28Natural language processing improves identification of colorectal cancer testing in the electronic medical recordDenny, J. C.
Choma, N. N.
Peterson, J. F.
Miller, R. A.
Bastarache, L.
Li, M.
Peterson, N. B.
29Defining Disease Phenotypes in Primary Care Electronic Health Records by a Machine Learning Approach: A Case Study in Identifying Rheumatoid ArthritisZhou, S. M.
Fernandez-Gutierrez, F.
Kennedy, J.
Cooksey, R.
Atkinson, M.
Denaxas, S.
Siebert, S.
Dixon, W. G.', "O'Neill, T. W.", 'Choy, E.
Sudlow, C.
U. K. Biobank Follow-up,Outcomes
30Utilizing uncoded consultation notes from electronic medical records for predictive modeling of colorectal cancerHoogendoorn, M.
Szolovits, P.
Moons, L. M. G.
Numans, M. E.
31Forecasting outpatient visits using empirical mode decomposition coupled with back-propagation artificial neural networks optimized by particle swarm optimizationHuang, D.
Wu, Z.
32Comparison of the Effectiveness of Interactive Didactic Lecture Versus Online Simulation-Based CME Programs Directed at Improving the Diagnostic Capabilities of Primary Care PractitionersMcFadden, P.
Crim, A.
33Modelling and extraction of variability in free-text medication prescriptions from an anonymised primary care electronic medical record research databaseKarystianis, G.
Sheppard, T.
Dixon, W. G.
Nenadic, G.
34Identifying acute kidney injury in the community - a novel informatics approachXu, G.
Player, P.
Shepherd, D.
Brunskill, N. J.
35Identifying influenza-like illness presentation from unstructured general practice clinical narrative using a text classifier rule-based expert system versus a clinical expertMacRae, J.
Love, T.
Baker, M. G.
Dowell, A.
Carnachan, M.
Stubbe, M.
McBain, L.
New Zealand2015
36Negative symptoms in schizophrenia: a study in a large clinical sample of patients using a novel automated methodPatel, R.
Jayatilleke, N.
Broadbent, M.
Chang, C. K.
Foskett, N.
Gorrell, G.
Hayes, R. D.
Jackson, R.
Johnston, C.
Shetty, H.
Roberts, A.
McGuire, P.
Stewart, R.
37Accessing primary care Big Data: the development of a software algorithm to explore the rich content of consultation recordsMacRae, J.
Darlow, B.
McBain, L.
Jones, O.
Stubbe, M.
Turner, N.
Dowell, A.
New Zealand2015
38Automatic Detection of Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue Infections from Primary Care Electronic Medical RecordsGu, Y.
Kennelly, J.
Warren, J.
Nathani, P.
Boyce, T.
New Zealand2015
39 Communication Between Home Health Nurses and Physicians: Measurement, Quality, and OutcomesPress, M. J.
Gerber, L. M.
Peng, T. R.
Pesko, M. F.
Feldman, P. H.
Ouchida, K.
Sridharan, S.
Bao, Y.
Barron, Y.
Casalino, L. P.
40Regular expression-based learning to extract bodyweight values from clinical notesMurtaugh, M. A.
Gibson, B. S.
Redd, D.
Zeng-Treitler, Q.
41Monitoring suicidal patients in primary care using electronic health recordsAnderson, H. D.
Pace, W. D.
Brandt, E.
Nielsen, R. D.
Allen, R. R.
Libby, A. M.
West, D. R.
Valuck, R. J.
42Measuring physician adherence with gout quality indicators: a role for natural language processingKerr, G. S.
Richards, J. S.
Nunziato, C. A.
Patterson, O. V.
DuVall, S. L.
Aujero, M.
Maron, D.
Amdur, R.
43Prevalence of heart failure signs and symptoms in a large primary care population identified through the use of text and data mining of the electronic health recordVijayakrishnan, R.
Steinhubl, S. R.
Ng, K.
Sun, J.
Byrd, R. J.
Daar, Z.
Williams, B. A.
eFilippi, C.
Ebadollahi, S.
Stewart, W. F.
44Multilevel temporal Bayesian networks can model longitudinal change in multimorbidityLappenschaar, M.
Hommersom, A.
Lucas, P. J.
Lagro, J.
Visscher, S.
Korevaar, J. C.
Schellevis, F. G.
45Patient-tailored prioritization for a pediatric care decision support system through machine learningKlann, J. G.
Anand, V.
Downs, S. M.
46Automatic generation of case-detection algorithms to identify children with asthma from large electronic health record databasesAfzal, Z.
Engelkes, M.
Verhamme, K. M.
Janssens, H. M.
Sturkenboom, M. C.
Kors, J. A.
Schuemie, M. J.
47The use of data-mining to identify indicators of health-related quality of life in patients with irritable bowel syndromePenny, K. I.
Smith, G. D.
48Using Medical Text Extraction, Reasoning and Mapping System (MTERMS) to process medication information in outpatient clinical notesZhou, L.
Plasek, J. M.
Mahoney, L. M.
Karipineni, N.
Chang, F.
Yan, X.
Chang, F.
Dimaggio, D.
Goldman, D. S.
Rocha, R. A.
49Application of artificial neural networks to a study of nursing burnoutLadstatter, F.
Garrosa, E.
Badea, C.
Moreno, B.
50Data mining of tuberculosis patient data using multiple correspondence analysisRennie, T. W.
Roberts, W.
51Agreement between patient-reported symptoms and their documentation in the medical recordPakhomov, S. V.
Jacobsen, S. J.
Chute, C. G.
Roger, V. L.
52An expert system for headache diagnosis: the Computerized Headache Assessment tool (CHAT)Maizels, M.
Wolfe, W. J.
53The K-nearest neighbor algorithm predicted rehabilitation potential better than current Clinical Assessment ProtocolZhu, M.
Chen, W.
Hirdes, J. P.
Stolee, P.
54Neural networks for longitudinal studies in Alzheimer's diseaseTandon, R.
Adak, S.
Kaye, J. A.
55Intention to adopt a smoking cessation expert system within a self-selected sample of Dutch general practitionersHoving, C.
Mudde, A. N.
e Vries, H.
56Translating research into practice: organizational issues in implementing automated decision support for hypertension in three medical centersGoldstein, M. K.
Coleman, R. W.
Tu, S. W.
Shankar, R. D.', "O'Connor, M. J.", 'Musen, M. A.
Martins, S. B.
Lavori, P. W.
Shlipak, M. G.
Oddone, E.
Advani, A. A.
Gholami, P.
Hoffman, B. B.
57Using an artificial neural network to predict healing times and risk factors for venous leg ulcersTaylor, R. J.
Taylor, A. D.
Smyth, J. V.
58Validation of a knowledge based reminder system for diagnostic test ordering in general practiceBindels, R.
Winkens, R. A.
Pop, P.
van Wersch, J. W.
Talmon, J.
Hasman, A.
59The use of a computer-based decision support system facilitates primary care physicians' management of chronic painKnab, J. H.
Wallace, M. S.
Wagner, R. L.
Tsoukatos, J.
Weinger, M. B.
60Initial use of a computer system for assisting dermatological diagnosis in general practiceSmith, H. R.
Ashton, R. E.
Brooks, G. J.
61Electronic surveillance of disease states: a preliminary study in electronic detection of respiratory diseases in a primary care settingHung, J.
Posey, J.
Freedman, R.
Thorton, T.
62Modeling obesity using abductive networksAbdel-Aal, R. E.
Mangoud, A. M.
63A diagnostic support system in general practice: is it feasible?Ridderikhoff, J.
van Herk, E.
64Comparison of an expert system with other clinical scores for the evaluation of severity of asthmaGautier, V.
Redier, H.
Pujol, J. L.
Bousquet, J.
Proudhon, H.
Michel, C.
Daures, J. P.
Michel, F. B.
Godard, P.
65An expert system for performance-based direct delivery of published clinical evidenceBalas, E. A.
Li, Z. R.
Spencer, D. C.
Jaffrey, F.
Brent, E.
Mitchell, J. A.
66Categorization of major depression in an outpatient sampleHaslam, N.
Beck, A. T.
67Predicting suicidal ideation in primary care: An approach to identify easily assessable key variablesJordan, P.
Shedden-Mora, M. C.
Löwe, B.
68Predicting out-of-office blood pressure in the clinic for the diagnosis of hypertension in primary care: An economic evaluationMonahan, M.
Jowett, S.
Lovibond, K.
Gill, P.
Godwin, M.
Greenfield, S.
Hanley, J.
Hobbs, F. D. R.
Martin, U.
Mant, J.
McKinstry, B.
Williams, B.
Sheppard, J. P.
McManus, R. J.
69Artificial neural network based prediction of malaria abundances using big data: A knowledge capturing approachThakur, S.
Dharavath, R.
70On an algorithm for decision-making for the optimization of disease prediction at the primary health care level using neural network clusteringSelskyy, P.
Vakulenko, D.
Televiak, A.
Veresiuk, T.
71Machine Learning Detection of Cognitive Impairment in Primary CareLevy, B.
Hogan, J.
Hess, C.
Greenspan, S.
Hogan, M.
Gable, S.
Falcon, K.
Elber, A.', "O'Connor, M.", 'Driscoll, D.
Hashmi, A.
72Development and validation of clinical prediction models: Marginal differences between logistic regression, penalized maximum likelihood estimation, and genetic programmingJanssen, K. J. M.
Siccama, I.
Vergouwe, Y.
Koffijberg, H.
Debray, T. P. A.
Keijzer, M.
Grobbee, D. E.
Moons, K. G. M.
73A hybrid knowledge-based approach to supporting the medical prescription for general practitioners: Real case in a Hong Kong medical centerTing, S. L.
Kwok, S. K.
Tsang, A. H. C.
Lee, W. B.
74RACER: Rule-Associated CasE-based Reasoning for supporting General Practitioners in prescription makingTing, S. L.
Wang, W. M.
Kwok, S. K.
Tsang, A. H. C.
Lee, W. B.
Hong kong2010
Forster, D.
76Applying a human-factors approach to improve usability of a decision support system in tele-nursing
Tariq, Amina
Westbrook, Johanna
Byrne, Mary
Robinson, Maureen
Baysari, Melissa T.
77Simple Prediction of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus via Decision Tree ModelingSayadi, Mehrab
Zibaeenezhad, Mohammadjavad
Taghi Ayatollahi, Seyyed Mohammad
78An annotation and modeling schema for prescription regimensAberdeen, J.
Bayer, S.
Clark, C.
Keybl, M.
Tresner-Kirsch, D.
79Pivotal trial of an autonomous AI-based diagnostic system for detection of diabetic retinopathy in primary care officesAbramoff, M. D.
Lavin, P. T.
Birch, M.
Shah, N.
Folk, J. C.
80TOWARD EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE. Predicting Common Maternal Postpartum Complications: Leveraging Health Administrative Data and Machine LearningAdams, ElliseAustralia2019
81Risk Assessment for Parents Who Suspect Their Child Has Autism Spectrum Disorder: Machine Learning ApproachBen-Sasson, Ayelet
Robins, Diana L.
Yom-Tov, Elad
Viera-Lopez, G.
Serrano-Munoz, A.
83Using artificial intelligence to reduce diagnostic workload without compromising detection of urinary tract infectionsBurton, R. J.
Albur, M.
Eberl, M.
Cuff, S. M.
84Design of a Clinical Decision Support System for Predicting Erectile Dysfunction in Men Using NHIRD DatasetChen, Y. F.
Lin, C. S.
Hong, C. F.
Lee, D. J.
Sun, C.
Lin, H. H.
85Predicting atrial fibrillation in primary care using machine learningHill, N. R.
Ayoubkhani, D.
McEwan, P.
Sugrue, D. M.
Farooqui, U.
Lister, S.
Lumley, M.
Bakhai, A.
Cohen, A. T.', "O'Neill, M.", 'Clifton, D.
Gordon, J.
86Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence-Based Grading of Diabetic Retinopathy in Primary CareKanagasingam, Y.
Xiao, D.
Vignarajan, J.
Preetham, A.
Tay-Kearney, M. L.
Mehrotra, A.
87Prognostic Modeling and Prevention of Diabetes Using Machine Learning TechniquesPerveen, S.
Shahbaz, M.
Keshavjee, K.
Guergachi, A.
88Scoring algorithms for a computer-based cognitive screening tool: An illustrative example of overfitting machine learning approaches and the impact on estimates of classification accuracyUrsenbach, J.', "O'Connell, M. E.", 'Neiser, J.
Tierney, M. C.
Morgan, D.
Kosteniuk, J.
Spiteri, R. J.
89Diagnostic Accuracy of a Device for the Automated Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in a Primary Care SettingVerbraak, F. D.
Abramoff, M. D.
Bausch, G. C. F.
Klaver, C.
Nijpels, G.
Schlingemann, R. O.
van der Heijden, A. A.
90Does machine learning improve prediction of VA primary care reliance?Wong, E. S.
Schuttner, L.
Reddy, A.