Recent Publications

Primary Care Physicians’ Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence Systems in the Care of Adolescents’ Mental Health 


Integrating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Throughout the Lifecycle of Artificial Intelligence for Better Health and Oral Health Care: A Workshop Summary


Strategies to Mitigate Age-Related Bias in Machine Learning: A Scoping Review



Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease Assisted by AI-Powered Human-Robot Communication


Artificial Intelligence for Detection of Dementia Using Motion Data: A Scoping Review

Age-related bias and artificial intelligence: a scoping review

Application of Artificial intelligence in COVID-19-related geriatric care: A scoping review

Curriculum frameworks and educational programs in artificial intelligence for medical students, residents, and practicing physicians: a scoping review protocol

Using incorpoRATE to examine clinician willingness to engage in shared decision making: A study of Family Medicine residents

The use of artificial intelligence and virtual reality in doctor-patient risk communication: A scoping review

GCNFusion: An efficient graph convolutional network based model for information diffusion

Quantum-Inspired Interpertable AI-Empowered Decision Support System for Detection of Early-Stage Rheumatoid Arthritis in Primary Care Using Scarce Dataset

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Community-Based Primary Health Care: Systematic Scoping Review and Critical Appraisal

Digital Ageism: Challenges and Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence for Older Adults

Artificial intelligence in nursing: Priorities and opportunities from an international invitational think-tank of the Nursing and Artificial Intelligence Leadership Collaborative

Optimizing patient active role with a user-centered eHealth platform (CONCERTO+) in chronic diseases management: A study protocol for a pilot cluster randomized controlled trial.

Barriers and facilitators to patient engagement in patient safety from patients and healthcare professionals’ perspectives: A systematic review and meta-synthesis

Prioritization of patients access to outpatient augmentative and alternative communication services in Quebec: A decision tool.

An analytical mobile app for shared decision making about prenatal screening: protocol of a mixed-methods study.

Continuing professional education of Iranian healthcare professionals in shared decision-making: lessons learned

Evaluation of a prenatal screening decision aid:  A mixed methods pilot study